BARBARA SKRZYPCZAK, was born on the 27th of November 1949 in MINDEN, Westfahlen, Germany, the third generation of her family born outside their native Poland. Her parents emigrated to South Africa and she crew up here.

From an early age, she had a deep interest for painting and sculpturing. When having to choose, she studied commercial art at the Pretoria Technicon, specializing in sculpture under Professor E.L Bouffa.

After a one-year period at PACT in Pretoria where she was active in different artistic functions, she started to work freelance. She created, among other things, magnificent costumes and jewellery for the Russian Ballet ‘Kismet’. For the “Holiday on Ice” show she created a superb Walt Disney group of figures. She then wanted to expand her creative horizons and she went to Europe in 1977.

The next 11 years were very dynamic with a lot of sculpturing experiences. Right from the beginning she was involved with major opera productions and was commissioned to create till 7 meters high sculptures for ‘The Opera of the Netherlands’ in Amsterdam, as well as for ‘The National Ballet Amsterdam and l’Opera National de Paris.

She has as well designed all the costumes for many operas and operettas and joined with her husband Nicolas Out to designed the sets. She was working 18 hours a day during this period as she was also busy with her personal sculptures and paintings and had a very successful exhibition in Haarlem in 1985.

At the end of 1987 she had returned to South Africa with a rich harvest of artistic experiences and technical know-how. She began to search for materials comparable to those she had been working with in Europe. As a result of her search, she found a new material, white marble in a crashed form but with a better quality than anywhere in the world. After a period of experiments she was able to cast it and she now makes a dazzling array of different forms in pure white! That was shown on TV on several occasions.

She creates an amazing variety stylized birds, with a strong emphasis on character and movement. She has work that is more connected to humanitarian expressions in all different interpretations, from feeling to symbolism.

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